Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity rapidly and, among ordinary people, you can hear about them more often. More and more businesses are beginning to accept payments in Bitcoin and other common coins, as consumers need to access digital assets quickly and conveniently.

Today we’ll talk about the best Bitcoin wallets that are available for Android and iOS respectively as mobile apps in the play store and app store.


Because of its speed, set features and ease of use, Jaxx has become very popular. Simply press one of the two buttons on the screen to send or receive cryptocurrency: “Send” and “Receive.”

Another feature of Jaxx is the ability to set the processing speed by adjusting the payment size, which enables users to set preferences for certain transactions. The framework also supports hundreds of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and tokens like QTUM, EOS, TenX, and many more.


Blockchain is one of Bitcoin’s most common crypto-currency wallets. It does work for Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar. This is a very successful and established operation, attracting US$ 40 million in investment in 2017. Unfortunately, Blockchain does not have a high rate of processing of transactions and sometimes gives minor failures.

Blockchain’s security methods include the 2FA, Secure password and Seed key.


Coinbase is a famous crypto-wallet, too. It’s very fast, easy and user friendly. Coinbase supports 5 digital assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. You can not only store currency with this service but also trade. A special feature is frequent payments that will help you plan any cryptocurrencies purchase and sale, and set up future transactions.

Coinbase methods of security include the 2FA, Secure password and Seed key.


Coinomi is yet another common Android and iOS user choice. It’s a major fusion of security and support for different digital assets The wallet also offers the opportunity to swap coins almost instantly, thanks to the collaboration with the ShapeShift company, known for its user-friendly interface and speed of transaction.

The wallet does not share data with law enforcement agencies and governments about the activities of users, even client IP addresses are encrypted.

This wallet fits with many different coins. The most famous include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. Stablecoin like Tether, and commonERC-20 standard tokens are also available. For deposit funds for Coinomi, when moving from an exchange, you must indicate the wallet adress. Using Bitcoin ATM you can restock the wallet. Payments are made quickly and easily, you can pick the cryptocurrency for payment, enter the address of the recipient and the number of tokens, and press the “Send” button.


GreenAddress is another crypto-currecy wallet that only deals with bitcoin. The project developer has delegated many important functions to GreenAddress. Among them: the use of multi-signatures for each transaction, the ability to change a limit on the number of transactions, the sending of currency to Facebook and Twitter contacts, as well as emails and telephone number.

GreenAddress security measures include 2FA and Safe login.