The decentralized financial platforms and protocols are rapidly increasing. The modern and innovative concept used here is Yield Farming. Using the DeFi platform, the users can earn the native tokens and add to the liquidity pool. Yield farming uses a few significant protocols and platforms to carry out stacking and locking of the tokens. Like, APY.Finance is the latest yield farming protocol that locked an amount of $67 million only in the first hour. The incentives to the users are provided in USDC, DAI, and USDT stable coins. There are many other platforms and protocols that traders may opt to earn great incentives.


This is a credit and loan protocol used by the active, profitable traders or yield farmers. The liquidity providers or lenders receive a new token in return for their funds into the liquidity pool. An excellent thing about token generated through this protocol is that they will immediately generate income when issued. Maximum yield farmers use Aave protocol because of the compound interesting it generates for the users.  It even allows the advanced functionality under yield farming, which is flash loans.

Compound Finance

It is an algorithm market that helps the traders to lend or borrow the assets. You can trade with tokens like DAI, USD Coin, Ether, Wrapped BTC, etc. The users who possess Ethereum wallets can add their funds to the pool of liquidity. When you start compounding through this platform, you will start receiving the income instantly after your first deposit. The rates are calculated algorithmically through the ratio of demand and supply.


This Ethereum-based protocol is used to issue and trade Synthetic assets. You can trade or issue cryptocurrencies, equities, leveraged tokens, and real-world assets. The users can lock up the stake that is Synthetic Network Token and ETH as the mint and synthetic collateral assets. These synthetic assets possess a reliable price feed, and it allows any financial asset to be added to the Synthetic platform. If you want to earn a good amount with Synthetix assets, then be consistent and see the yields coming through.


This decentralized exchange protocol is also known as the Decentralized Exchange. The liquidity providers or traders can create new markets for the DEX with the ERC-20 tokens.  Here, you can provide the two equal estimated portions of the tokens to the smart contract. The first party is the user or trader who can exchange token at any time, and the second party is the liquidity pool. Under Uniswap, the traders receive funds, and the suppliers receive the percentage of the trading fees.

Yield Farming may seem a little complex to users because of the use of abundant terminologies and protocols. But, once you are abreast of the norms, rules, adding, and stacking of tokens over these platforms, the yielding will become easier. DeFi still rates the highest in the platform and the protocol list because of its returns to the users. However, the rate of profitability still depends upon the addition of new tokens to the liquidity pool.