The lack of data sharing and the absence of updated information has taken a toll on the health of many people suffering from Novel Coronavirus. What even makes it worse is the centralized data system that can be easily tampered with. For this, decentralized technology like Blockchain is required. As we have already seen the failure of the present health surveillance system, so Blockchain can prove to be the right answer for controlling COVID-19 and other future pandemics.

Blockchain is widely used by industries to collect and manage data and to share the right medical information. Why scientists and healthcare firms are planning to include Blockchain? The simple reason, healthcare sector consists of a vast amount of data that remains scattered. But, the lack of infrastructure leads to a breach in this data. Here, Blockchain can help with the secured storage of the data across different systems. Let us know how Blockchain can help with preventing future pandemic or Coronavirus.

Shorten the Reporting Time

The foremost advantage of using Blockchain technology is it helps in lessening the reporting time of the diagnosis. Like, if the patient gets diagnosed with the COVID-19, then his clinical information will be diagnosed and reported to higher authorities. Now, the report may take many intermediary processes to pass, which can make it difficult for hospitals to receive a quick response.

Even in the process, the diagnostic reports may go lost, and there can be omission reported. Here, Blockchain can prove helpful as there will no intermediary involved, and reports can reach out to authorities instantly.

Tracking the Origination Point

Blockchain will never jeopardize the origination data from where the reports about the patients in a hospital or clinic were originated. Moreover, this technology will help in tracking back the earliest occurrence of the virus and spread immediate guidelines across all the channels. Smart Contracts in the Blockchain can help with recognizing the exact condition and provide prompt responses according to the situation.

Accurate Reports on Infections or Diseases

The technology will increase transparency in the healthcare system that will lead to receiving more accurate reports on infections or diseases. By faster processing of the health data or the virus forms, the doctors or scientists can trace the infections, work instantly on them, and stop it before they turn into a deadly virus. This will also result in catching the virus origin, reviewing the patient’s symptoms, and monitoring the data in real-time.

Management of Critical Situations

The World Health Organization has partnered with leading Blockchain technology companies like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and a decentralized platform called Hacerato. The platform known as MiPasa will be using IBM’s enterprise-grade Blockchain technology Hyperledger Fabric.

This network will help in managing the critical COVID-19 hotspots and will exchange the data of pandemic seamlessly. It will instantly alert the doctors, health workers, and the general public at large. The best thing about sharing data through Blockchain is that it’s secured and private.

Overall, Blockchain technology, along with other technologies such as AI and Data Science, is helping to support this issue. It will also remove all the loopholes and poor health-surveillance system problems.