Regular online casinos require third-party payment modes and require KYC verification. But many players do not want to share their personal or financial details over the internet. They do not want to compromise their privacy and security. Here anonymous crypto casinos step in. Real anonymous casinos do not require identity verification or the KYC detailing from its customers. You can play on these casinos just with simple registration (Username + password) or using your cryptocurrency wallet as a browser extension like Metamask. Most of the players use Bitcoin to play casino games. A study by Deutsche Bank states that by 2030 there will be almost 200 million cryptocurrency wallet users.

Top Ways In Which Anonymous Casinos Operate

Bitcoin or crypto-based casinos are free from any formalities. Even many anonymous casinos provide promotional BTC for making the game attractive and pleasing for the players. Moreover, the games offered at these casinos are mobile-friendly too. Let us now see the top ways in which anonymous casinos operate.

  • No Personal Details Required: There is no need to provide your personal or financial details on the online casino platform. The anonymous casinos let you perform Bitcoin transactions with your encrypted wallet without sharing any details.
  • Fairness in Operations: These anonymous casinos provide full fairness while you are betting. Even you can get promotional BTC coins that keep adding to your wallet. You do not have to provide personal details while withdrawing the winning amount too.
  • Easy Registration: You can join any anonymous Bitcoin casinos just by clicking on the register or joining buttons. A few Bitcoin casinos will make you fill the form and then create an account.
  • No Human Intervention: These Bitcoin casinos also offer unique live dealer games that run with minimum human intervention. There is fairness in the way casinos operate and provide remarkable prizes to the players. Even peer-to-peer games work seamlessly by offering unique games to the players of the Bitcoin community.
  • Legal Restrictions: There is a minimal legal restriction on the Bitcoins in many countries. So, casinos can use Bitcoin in the countries where there are less or no legal restrictions on the use of cryptocurrency. There is no need to provide ID for carrying out the transactions for the Bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin is one of the convenient payment methods as compared to PayPal, bank cards, etc.
  • Taxation: The taxation on the casino winnings earned from the anonymous Bitcoin casinos can be minimal or charged by the authorities. It depends on the country you are operating from. You need to go through the taxations rules regarding casino winnings in your country. Moreover, there are a few casinos that deal with these types of matters on their own.

Anonymous Bitcoin casinos are opted by the players nowadays for the easy registration process, maximum transparency and security and last but not least: no KYC procedure!