The Philippines is not stated to be Asia’s gambling capital but also of the world. Now, why the experts are giving this statement? The country has already approved a $500 million project for a casino resort in the Central Island of Cebu, which will be the first mega-casino outside the Philippines’ capital Manila.

The gamblers in the country not only play at land-based casinos or resorts, but being a tech-savvy country, the punters prefer online gambling too. The exciting thing about the Philippines gaming market is that the use of mobile apps is rising in the country to play online casino games. It has given a new lease of life to the gambling industry in the country.

Experts are already considering the Philippines as the hub of online casino gambling after Macau as the country has many mega-resorts, traditional gaming casinos, and Bitcoin-based casinos too. Let us now see a few other significant reasons why the Philippines is going to become Asia’s gambling capital?

Regulatory Framework

POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator) and PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) control the gambling and online gaming in the Philippines. These authorities make it safe for the players from the country and other regions to bet their money in the casinos. Hence, many European operators have started investing in the Manila region along with other areas of the Philippines.

Crypto-based casinos also exist in this hub of iGaming. The released ‘Circular No. 944’ by the Philippines authority “Bangko Sentral Ag Pilipinas” formally allows the use of the virtual currency in the online casinos. Moreover, the Bitcoin transaction is accepted because the fee associated with the cryptocurrency is relatively low during this time.

Growth in Casino Games

The Philippines has witnessed some of the major gaming operators and casino games introduced for the players. They are entertaining and give a chance to the gamblers to earn a good amount of money, if lucky. Even the tourists who visit the country can play summer casino here. The top-notch Electronic Gaming Equipment has also offered its machines to the renowned “JPark Palace Casino.” The government of the country earns its revenue from the casino license fee and offshore gambling operations too.

Provision of Luxurious Amenities

Most gamblers playing in the Philippines are from China as they have the upper hand in the overall ASEAN gambling sector. Moreover, the rising trends of slot machine and table games have made the hotels and Philippine’s large casino resorts to make the gambling experience a kind of high roller for the punters. These hotels and sparkling gambling places also provide unlimited table games and snacks for the players.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, online gambling is taking center stage in the country. Both operators and the government of the country see it as the growth market. Even the gambling industry experts are referring to the Philippines as the “Entertainment City” comparing it to Macau, Singapore, and Las Vegas gambling markets.