Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, which became the source of the peer-to-peer transaction. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first person who not only came up with this term but has been estimated to mine almost 1 million Bitcoins. Moreover, the cryptocurrency market is expected to reach nearly US$1.40 billion by the year 2024. It is growing at a rate of CAGR of 6.18%.

The main focus of Bitcoin was to become a global digital currency to be used for varied transactions and purchases. So, the world of Bitcoin does not involve only buying and selling, but used in many industries. Bitcoin casinos are one of the growing parts of this cryptocurrency.

Even there are millions of people in line to get the Bitcoin trading app as it is a decentralized system, and provides the utmost security too. Not only this, but the players opting for Bitcoin casinos for gameplay also won a considerable amount of BTC coins that increased in value over time.

Some Bitcoin Casino Wins At Glance

The latest Bitcoin price index shows the all-time high price (as on August 26, 2020). These rising prices have made gamblers to play at Bitcoin casinos, win the jackpot coins, and even sell them out when the prices are relatively high.

Let us now dig in a few winning stories about the biggest and hefty Bitcoin casino wins.

  • The biggest win ever stated happened in an online dice game at famous A player named Nakowa hit an amount of 11,000 BTC in September 2013 just before the Mt. Gox crash. If Nakowa had held onto those coins, the jackpot amount would hit $217 million.
  • An anonymous player won a total amount of €210,000 at the BetChain, which is the leading fiat and Bitcoin online casino based in Cyprus.
  • In February 2017, the person with the ID- #28eaod38e1 played the Bitcoin casino video game with just 0.1 BTC and triggered a record-breaking jackpot of almost 259.74 BTC. The winning would turn more lucrative like 20 times the winning amount as the value of Bitcoin surge towards the end of the year 2017.
  • Another anonymous player who played at the Cloudbet Casino in March 2017 won a series of cool wins to almost 216 Bitcoins. The winnings came to like 160 Bitcoins firstly followed with another 56 Bitcoin casino amount. Here, the player’s total amount stood at $255,000. The impressive thing about this win is the player only placed a bet with a minimum value of 0.16 BTC.
  • In September 2018, another jackpot win came at the Cloudbet Casino, where a lucky player won 53 Bitcoins at Live Roulette game. The player was able to cash a whopping amount of $340,000. Here, the gambler took benefit from the casino’s high betting limits and won the life-changing streak.

These few Bitcoin casino jackpots were quite exciting and hefty at the same time. Just by playing with a mere 0.16 BTC, they made the amount in millions. This wins showcase the real power of Bitcoin in the present world of gambling.