A few months ago, UK PM Boris Johnson announced a complete regional lockdown due to the increased cases of Coronavirus. Thousands of casinos were closed, sports betting suffered, and many other traditional table games casinos were also closed. People suffered unemployment too. However, the UK’s casino industry still thrived during this period, according to reports. Wondering how it was possible? If yes, then read out below to know more.

UK’s Casino Industry- An Insight

What made the UK casino industry to still grow during this complete lockdown? Well, there was a game for everyone!

The main reason being, the top-notch casinos were offering versatile slots and table games online. They were also offering live dealer games for the punters through browsers, no download options, and mobile apps. One good thing was British players themselves set the budget for the betting.

Players followed the responsible gaming rule in the UK. Besides, a few more reasons led to the growth of the UK casino industry during the lockdown period. Let’s take a sneak peek into the same.

Profitable Time Investment

Most Britons indulged themselves in new hobbies or pastimes during this lockdown, but a few opted for playing online gambling slots. The lockdown gave British players to explore avenues to entertain themselves. The online casino slots gaming was not only entertaining, and it was immensely profitable too.

The players usually preferred playing casino slot games and table games. Many of them played the casino slots and betting with the real cash. Moreover, the ones who were lucky even earned a good amount of money too. These online games were set to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds, and a few jackpot games paid almost £20 million.

Use of Advanced Technology

A few top-notch casino brands rolled out the mobile apps for their customers so that they do not have to stick to their PCs anymore. They can comfortably sit anywhere, watch TV, sit in their balconies, and play the casino slot games. A few more reputed casinos offered VR-based casino games to provide interactive gameplay experience to their players.

This immersive experience helped players to enjoy their gameplay more. The punters who were already possessing VR headsets and controllers entertained themselves fully. Another benefit was the punters can pay through their debit or credit cards for their bets on these online casinos and play responsibly. These interactive online casino games also motivated social interaction that helped people to experience more fun.

Irresistible Bonus Offers

What else you want in this pandemic time when financial problems are rising drastically? Obviously, an online casino offers a good amount of deposit bonuses and free spins. It is paid to the gamblers as soon as they sign up to play their favorite slot game. Moreover, the welcome bonuses provided by these casinos are quite irresistible and has attracted a large number of Britons.


Moreover, the introduction of responsible gambling and a lot of bonus offers makes the UK online casinos thrive during the pandemic too. Although traditional casinos carry a great deal of preference amongst the UK gamblers, for the time being, online gambling has also unearthed a new era of digital gambling.