Ripple (XRP) is actually the third largest market cryptocurrency, and while the price action has been volatile over the past two years, XRP investors nevertheless firmly believe that their tokens will soon be “mooned.” That’s why you need to find out what the best Ripple mobile wallet you could get to store XRP tokens safely.

Let’s drill down on the best Ripple wallets now on the market. These wallets are free, stable and trusted by other enthusiasts of crypto-currency like you.

Toast Wallet

Toast wallet is a good name to take when thinking about XRP wallets. Toast wallet offers both mobile and desktop wallets to store your Ripple cryptocurrency for various types of users. It’s also a free to use XRP Wallet open source for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. And the developers say they’ve built an XRP wallet that’s easy enough for your grandma but secure enough for a Swiss banker.

In addition, monitor your funds here and don’t ever leave any hidden or private key out of your system because everything is built in a non-custodial manner. Finally, it’s a Ripple-only wallet showing developers are razor-focused on developing their product for one crypto-currency i.e. XRP.

Edge Wallet

Edge wallet is a common multi-currency wallet, which has been here since 2014 and is being built by experienced Aitbitz wallet developers. Another popular Bitcoin wallet is Airbitz, but its successor is an Edge wallet with improved UI and protection.

You don’t even need to save your seed with Edge, as you can just start by setting up a strong username and password that will always remain encrypted on your device Actually the Edge crypto wallet supports BTC, BCH, LTC, QTUM, DASH, XRP etc. Another suggestion from our end whilst using the Edge wallet is to use their Biometric TouchID and FaceID login to enhance protection. Edge wallet is available foriOS as well as Android devices

 Ethos Wallet

Ethos wallet is one of my favorite mobile wallets and this one of the easiest wallets to use if you have multiple currencies. It is also well known for storeing 100 + cryptocurrencies & ERC20 tokens like Ripple and this is the most advanced universal wallet in the world. In addition, you get the best security of a non-custodial wallet with Ethos SmartKey, and its UI is just too good to understand by yourself.

SmartKeys are slightly different from private keys, but it gives you full control over your wallet and is close to seed. You can use the WatchFolio app with Ethos wallet to help you keep a watch on many other cryptocurrencies you’ve saved elsewhere. Ethos wallet is available for both apps running iOS and Android.


Cryptonator is free to use hot-wallet or I’d rather say non-custodial wallet where your keys or seeds are not monitored. It doesn’t mean you should just overlook this wallet, though, because other 2-FA authentications are in place to give you protection. For Cryptonator you can keep over 10 cryptocurrencies like Ripple, and the app itself can trade Ripple for other cryptocurrencies. Cryptonator has an Android app available to you as well as a mobile version of its website.